Port of Collioure - Cottavoz 1990

1 000,00 €

André Cottavoz.
Port of Collioure.
numbered lithograph signed and dated in pencil.
Artist Proof - print 15 copies.

Presentation by Florent: Port of Collioure
There are invaluable relief lithographies, signed Cottavoz. At the beginning of the 90s, he experiments a new said technique "engraving in the carborundum", The carborundum is a filler with crystals of silicon carbide, this mineral in the property to be ultra resistant in the very strong pressures of the press and so of "gauffrer" the paper in the form wanted by The artist. Cottavoz coated his plate, little as he coated a painting, this way he makes a success of a link of the engraving towards his paint. More than draftsman as in the traditional lithography, he found the use of the material. It results from it screenprintings of luxurious colors on a magnificent paper in the style Cottavoz.

Matt white box under glass, stylish and contemporary, ready to install.
Work full size spare on the bottom foam carrier
Landscape format. Framed artworks by a professional workshop Craftsman.
Certificate issued by Mr. Florent Cottavoz.

Shipping : Frame coasters comes in a protective case cardboard and polyethylene foam.
Overall size of the package in cm (height - width - thickness) 105x88x8. Weight 8.30 kg.
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